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Women’s sunglasses have evolved so much over the years. From a practical necessity as an eye protection against the suns damaging rays to a fashion statement that completes every outfit, it has definitely progressed in style and function. With so many available designs, shapes, size and colors to choose from, it gets confusing sometimes to select the best one that fits your style and your personality. Here is some basic information about your favorite accessory to better understand its humble history and how you can pick the ones that will help you to rock those beautiful outfits.

Round Sunglasses

This is considered the oldest, most practical shape of the sunglasses. Back in the day when materials are limited, and technologies are not much advance yet, lenses were created based on the easiest, simplest shape that can fit all kinds of frames from a basic googles, spectacles, telescopes and glasses, which is the round shape. It’s a one shape fits all approach that brought it to its popularity. The shape was a practical choice to cover the entire area of the eyes, without obstructing the view of the person wearing it. Since then, it has become a fashion statement and was a symbol for the elite, different and smart people. This style has been worn by many celebrities and has been called by many names such as Lennon Glasses or Granny Glasses yet the history and appeal it brings never change.

Today, round sunglasses come in different sizes and designs. Its color has also evolved from the basic black tint to a variety of many different hues such as the famous pink, blue, brown, yellow, mirrored lenses and other bold colors which are a thing especially during summer to compliment the lively, colorful outfits. Round sunglasses also look flattering for women that has square or defined facial features. It helps balance the shape of their faces, creating a softer look. You can also easily partner it with any kind of wardrobe from the formal elegant look to a Sunday stroll in the beach kind of dress. It can easily add a fun vibe to any dull outfit.

Cat eye Sunglasses

This shape of sunglasses offers a unique, feline inspired style and has been called by many names such as “Manhattan”, “Harlequin and many others. It is characterized by having a horn-rim and upsweep at the outer edges where the temples or arms join the frame front. These are popularized and mainly created for women because of the character it represent. It was developed in the 1950’s by an American socialite and inventor to rebel on the most popular shape of sunglasses during her time, where the designs were more focus on function rather than fashion. It started to become famous in prescription glasses, but because of its feminine and sophisticated style, it became mainstream and was worn by famous actresses and were used in different Hollywood movies.

Nowadays, the cat eye sunglasses serve as a major fashion statement that gives a classy vintage appeal to the wearer. Women love this design and they now come in many different sizes from micro lenses to oversized frames, creating a variation to the classic look. This design actually looks good in all face shapes due to variations of style, but this frame usually looks best for people with round, square and triangular faces because it balances their facial features. It creates an extra lift, giving an extra edge and attention to the upper side of the face. You can also easily wear it in many different ways depending on your mood. You can use it as a playful twist to your formal, modern lined attire or a perfect partner to your casual Sunday dress when going to the mall or meeting with your girl friends.

Square Sunglasses

The square shape sunglasses were also an update and a result of technological advancement after the war. As more and more people start to explore outside, the need for a versatile, comfortable yet stylish sunglasses started to rise. One of the results of these fashion innovation is the square type sunglasses that are ideal for a cool and casual look and can be worn by both men and women. This has become a classic favorite, especially with a hipster look and was a good escape from the popular round lenses.

This has become a perfect piece of shades for people today, having round, heart and oblong faces because it creates more definition and edge to their facial feature. Square frames are basically shape-shifters as they help to balance out a narrow jawline or give a round face some angles. It also adds contrast to soft facial curves and help shorten longer faces. This is a perfect pair of sunglasses for women with creative characters and it gives a carefree yet classic look to the wearer.

Aviator Sunglasses

Most of us know the rich history of aviator sunglasses. This iconic sunglass was basically developed during the WWII to protect the eyes of the pilots of the blinding glares from the sun and bright lights from explosions. It also helped in keeping a clear view of the sky while protecting the pilot from any debris that they might come in contact during the war. The top bar of the eye glasses also served a purpose of keeping the sweat away from the eyes while piloting the jets. Since then, it has eventually become part of the cultural design, mimicking military style.

Now Aviator sunglasses, gets an update with modern elements like thick molded frames, a double brow bridge, mirrored lenses and comes in many colors and sizes which can be worn with any outfits and by both men and women. New alternatives were also developed from the original design such such as square framed aviators and pink lenses to give a softer touch to the famous style.

Oval Sunglasses

Oval sunglasses are usually a classy statement creating a wider stretch version on the round sunglasses. It is characterized by a curved bridge connecting two swoopy ovals which in a certain light looks like the infinity symbol floating around your face. This was a famous choice for alternative musicians. They have a flashy shade and bold shape, diametrically opposed to the dirty, faded clothes of 90s alternative-rock.

This shape is a bit hard to pull off, but when you found the perfect outfit, it gives you a combination of “I can’t be bothered” and “I can get away with anything” arrogance or create the “I’m too pretty, I can wear anything” kind of look.